Ein Camonim Farm Restaurant in Ein Camonim
In 1979, Amiram and Drora Obrutsky started the Ein Camonim farm. The name Ein Camonim was "borrowed", with the permission of Efraim Kishon, from his book "The Fox in the Chicken-Coop", a story about a god forsaken place and bureaucracy.
The Ein Camonim farm raises prize breeds of goats. The herd grazes in wide fields of natural pasture and is milked every morning and evening.
A boutique dairy, one of the first in Israel making boutique cheeses, operates on the farm. Considered to be one of the best, the dairy produces some thirty kinds of cheese, some French cheeses, some privately developed cheeses, all made from the milk of the goat herd. All the milk is whole and pasteurized; all ingredients are natural with no preservatives or food coloring. The dairy shop offers the assortment of cheeses, all homemade, as well as the excellent ice-cream that has joined the list of products.
The olive press at Ein Camonim operates for three months of the year during the olive harvest – from the first rain when the olives turn from green to black. The olive press uses the age-old traditional method of producing olive oil using 250 year-old millstones, while at the same time utilizing modern techniques and machinery to preserve the taste and aroma of the oil.
For over twenty years, beside the dairy, a unique dairy restaurant has been serving a large variety of the best cheeses, as well as salads and mezze made with the local olive oil. The restaurant is "All You Can Eat", so you can get acquainted with the large choice of cheeses. At Ein Camonim it's possible to hold cheese workshops, as well as private functions for family and friends, with up to 300 guests in summer and 150 guests in winter.

Business Card

Cheeses, Dairy, Ice Cream, Health Food, Breakfasts, Vegetarian
Acre-Safed Highway 85, between Hanania Intersection & Nahal Amud, Ein Camonim
Ein Kamunim
Phone: 0539428691
Fax: 04-6989680
Activity Hours:
Sun. – Thurs. 10:30am – 8pm
Fri. 10:30am - 9pm
Sat. 10:30am – 8pm
Price Per Diner
60 – 120NIS
No information
Payment Methods
All means of payment